All-JOINT launched its brand AMATHING Crown Cup ALL-JOINT (Euroset), which was founded in the northern Italian city of BOLZANO. With exquisite traditional handicraft, classical and fashionable design language, it has won a wide reputation of countless European aristocrats. When these crafts were founded in 1924, they have been passed down from generation to generation, and they have already become the interpreter of Euroset plastic language ALL-JOINT with persistent enthusiasm, creating independence and excellence, interpreting high-quality Italian lifestyle; adhering to the long tradition of ALL-JOINT, keeping up with the times, grasping the pulse of time, and integrating the past. Now and in the future, we will bravely meet every difficult challenge, which is the characteristic of Euclidean Collection. All-JOINT officially appeared in China in 2016, and launched its brand AMATHING Crown Thermal Cup Series. Once released, it stirred up the Chinese fashion circle. With classical Italian aesthetics and exquisite traditional crafts, it won great recognition from Chinese consumers, marking the integration of ALL-JOINT Europe into another Europe popular in China. Brand. These exquisite, complex, elegant and gorgeous designs inherit the essence of Italian brand quality. They have served as cultural envoys and witnessed the development history of Europe and China. It is the AMATHING series that make them reappear in the eyes of the world from the depth of history and allow the audience to appreciate the prosperity of the past. It has been an independent family enterprise since its establishment. Over the years, ALL-JOINT has been controlling the R&D, design, construction and production of complex functions. Through the ingenious integration of tradition and innovation, the exquisite craft, aesthetic design and artistic elements are gathered in the product space. ALL-JOINT is more than just a company. Since its inception, it has inherited and innovated, carried on the past and forged ahead, constantly writing the legend of exquisite craftsmanship originating in 1924.